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20 Ways to Bless Your Children

Show Your Children You Value Them, how to bless your children, fun and easy ways to show your kids you are thankful for them

Do you want to bless your children more? Are you praying over them and with them every day?

Do you show them how much they are valued in your life and in their family’s life? Or are we constantly telling them how they are in the way, doing things wrong and making them feel like a burden?

What Are Your Expectations?

Are you building them up rather than tearing them down? How high are your expectations on your children and how are those expectations affecting your child’s development?

We feed them, we clothe them, and we provide a roof over their heads. Isn’t that enough? Those are all blessings, right? They should be thankful they have that because there are thousands of children who don’t!

But wait…….

Our words are so important! No matter who we are saying them to, they affect a person’s future for good or for evil.

Whomever we are speaking to we should be speaking words of encouragement, approval, love and acceptance, especially our own children and the children we directly impact throughout our lives.

Bless your children by leaving them notes of encouragementSpeak Life

Speaking words of love and encouragement with the purpose of inspiring, motivating and growing our children up to be strong, confident and faithful human beings is ultimately our goal.

As parents, it is so easy to speak harsh, critical words. We can be so quick to be critical of our children because they are young and new to this life and they make mistakes. Lots of mistakes! The same mistakes, over and over.

We need to assess what our expectations are of our kids and whether those are way too high. Remember we have been on this earth a whole lot longer than they have. We know how to do things, we know how to say things (even if we still get that wrong), we know what’s going on in the world, we know what’s coming, and we know what our plans and intentions are, but do our kids know all of that at every moment?


We Want the Best For Our Children.

Without a doubt every parent wants the best for their child. We feel the pressure of the responsibility to raise them right and that means if we don’t make sure they do everything right then they won’t make it in the world outside of our home and we want them to be out of our home someday, don’t we?

It is so easy to be quick to speak those harsh, critical words to our children. Especially when we are sick and tired of saying the same thing over and over and they still don’t get it right. We nitpick what they do and how they do it finding fault in everything they do and say. Then we accidentally slip and say these words, “Why can’t you do anything right?”

Show Your Children You Value Them, how to bless your children, fun and easy ways to show your kids you are thankful for them

But We Must Stop!

One of the hardest things to do as a tired, overwhelmed and frustrated parent is to stop and bite our tongue. To see our child as God sees our child. To truly love and honor our child as God does. When we speak these negative words our children begin to lose their feeling of self worth. They lose the ability to see their value as God has designed them individually and perfectly.

There is book after book on how to parent your child, how to do it with grace, how to change them in one week, how to discipline them with love. There are wonderful books out there, but here I want to give you 20 simple and unique ways you can bless your children. I am not saying don’t read those books. Please read those books! Please get with other parents and help each other out. You need a Mom Tribe!

It’s the Little Things That Make A Big Impact

But what about the little things we can do to remind our children how much of a blessing they are to us and how valued they are, as an individual, in God’s Kingdom.

Let’s focus on pouring these small blessings into our children’s lives so we don’t speak words of discouragement and criticism constantly over our kids and so we don’t open that door, allowing the enemy to bring all sorts of insecurity and inferiority into their life.

We Want our Kids to Be and Feel Blessed

Bless Your Children, Show Them You Are Thankful For Them

Intentionally plan to do one of these things every day or at least a few times a week for your children.


Watch how they begin to light up, grow in the confidence of who they are and how they fit into the family God’s given them.


Your children will begin to thrive, their attitudes will begin to change, actions towards others and around the home will change and your reactions and love towards them will change as you see their value as God sees them.



Here are 20 ways you can pour blessings onto your children!

  1. Read aloud to your children, no matter their age. Let the younger ones sit in your lap.
  2. Leave sticky notes on your child’s bedroom door with characteristics you love about them.
  3. Let your child help you bake or cook a meal. Let them do most of it and praise that child over the meal with how well they did.
  4. Read a book or devotional with your child as you lay with them at night before they go to sleep.
  5. Start a tradition to pray and sing a short song with your child(ren) each night.
    Bless your children by singing and praying with them
  6. What does your child love to play with? Spend just 15 minutes playing with your child one-on-one.
  7. Give your spouse a hug each day where your children can see you loving each other.
  8. Tell your children what you love most about your spouse.
  9. Send your child a card or letter in the mail.
  10. Make a special snack and favorite drink and sit on a blanket with your child just talking together.
    Bless your children and make them a special snack, have a picnic with your children
  11. Do your child’s chores for them one day.
  12. Have a family movie night complete with popcorn and special drinks.
  13. Let your child pick the meals for one week.
  14. Schedule a date with each child, dress up and make it extra special.
  15. Stay off social media for an entire day and spend that time playing with your children. Disconnect digitally once in a while so you can reconnect physically.
    Bless your children by getting off social media, disconnect digitally to reconnect physically
  16. Thank your child for something they did and let them know how it blessed you.
  17. Throw the ball with your child or play tag in the yard.
  18. Make your kids breakfast in bed.
  19. Surprise your child with an unexpected gift.
  20. Have a sleepover with your children.

How to Show Your Children You Value Them










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