Create a Cleaning Schedule That Works For You

How to Make a Cleaning Schedule That Works For You

Keeping on top of the housework and cleaning can be never-ending and completely overwhelming, particularly if you are out at work all day and have a young family to deal with and leads to it being a chore we all hate. The way to get about it is by putting a plan into place.  …

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10 Ways to Destress Your Life in 10 Minutes A Day

10 ways to destress your life, mom life, overwhelmed mom

10 Minutes a Day to Destress Your Life! That’s it! That’s all it takes to slowly chip away at the wall of stress that is building up day in and day out in your life. Do you believe you can destress your life in just 10 minutes a day?? Well, read on and you’ll see…

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Day 6 & 7 – Digital Declutter

10-Day Declutter Challenge - this weekend we will spend decluttering our digital devices and electronics around the home

Decluttering our Electronics and Digital Devices   We are going to spend the weekend tackling our electronics and digital devices because this task can really take some time.   If you don’t have a lot of electronics around your home this will be an easy few days for you, but for most of us, we…

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Should I Sell or Should I Donate?

4 key questions to ask to decide if you should sell or donate

The 4 Key Questions to Ask Yourself       Honestly, donating items you no longer want or need is so much easier than trying to sell them, but just because something is easy doesn’t mean it’s right. Do you have things around your house that you aren’t willing to just give away, but don’t…

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5 Secrets to Preparing Your Heart For a Massive Decluttering of Your Home

prepare your heart for a massive decluttering of your home

Today we are going to prepare our hearts and minds for the 10-Day Decluttering Challenge. Be sure you have read Preparing Your Home for Decluttering before you read this. In that article we discussed finding a single location in your home for all your donation items and collecting materials necessary to get this process started. Let’s talk…

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Prepare Your Home

Prepare Your Home to be decluttered

To Be Decluttered….For Good!! The thought of going through your entire home and decluttering it is quite an overwhelming feat, but you can set yourself up by preparing ahead of time. How many of you have done this before only to turn around 1 week later and feel like you didn’t do anything? Yep! Me…

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How To Do The Things You Hate To Do

How to do the things you hate to do, get organized, declutter

5 Ways to Start Doing the Things You Hate To Do We all have those recurring tasks and chores that we know we need to do, but we just don’t do them because we hate doing them.   Then the next week comes and we know we need to REALLY get it done and then…

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Lose Inches Without Diet and Exercise??

lose inches off your waistline by decluttering your home, reducing stress and getting more sleep

Declutter Your Life and Lose Inches Off Your Waistline!! Want to lose inches off your midsection with just one change in your life? This one is not about diet and exercise although diet and exercise are amazing for your overall health so I’m not saying don’t do those things, but consider what all the clutter…

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