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The ‘No Gifts Birthday Party’

tips on how to throw a no gifts birthday party for kids

Is it possible to throw a ‘No Gifts Birthday Party’?   Maybe the better question is: Is it acceptable to throw a ‘No Gifts Birthday Party’? When I’ve tried to throw a ‘No Gifts Birthday Party’ for my kids in the past I have just felt guilty that I was taking away from their excitement…

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10 Money Saving Strategies for Kid Birthday Parties

money saving strategies for kid birthday parties

  Did you know some will spend $1000 or more on their child’s birthday party!? A majority of families will spend hundreds of dollars on a birthday party for their child and when you have multiple kids that can be very hard on the budget. Here are 10 strategic ways to cut costs on your…

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Kid Friendly Shows ~ Gain Back Control!

Young boy standing in front of TV.

Moms and Dads, Are you frustrated with all the changes on Netflix and other networks like it when it comes to kid-friendly shows?? We started using Netflix exclusively over 8 years ago and cancelled cable. We decided we didn’t watch enough TV to justify how much we were spending and Netflix was only $7.99 a month…

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