Finding the Best Doctor for Your Child

How to find the best doctor for your child, the right pediatrician, Motherly instinct


Finding the best doctor for your child isn’t always a given and is not easy. Sometimes our motherly instinct can really give us a bad feeling about a person, but we try not to judge and also know we know pretty much nothing about the medical field. Sometimes making this decision is the most stressful part of parenthood, especially when you have a child with medical issues.

It can actually be considered quite a hard decision to make, especially if the social element of each visit also factors into the whole experience. Approaching the scenario, it is often more important to consider your child’s needs rather than the doctors.  While the doctor is qualified to handle many different tasks, and will apply themselves professionally, your child needs to feel safe.

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While almost all doctors are completely competent, not all doctors are perfect for your child.  This is true if your child has special medical needs or a particular fear of Healthcare professionals.

With this guide, you will absolutely find the best doctor for your needs.

How to find the best doctor for your child, the right pediatrician, Motherly instinct


While finding the best Dr. Is important, sometimes you may have to compromise on certain important factors.  One of these most important factors will be the proximity to your home. Some children need more exposure to doctors than others, and so it’s important to ensure appointments are available when you need them.  Simply a looking at your local options and choosing the most convenient Dr. might not be the best option. However, keeping proximity in your mind at all times can ensure that you find the best Dr. for your area.  

This can also limit your options to a manageable degree, helping you compare and contrast several doctors on offer. Also, take the clinic into account. Read reviews and experience reports online, and you’ll likely find a place you can reach that seems the most promising.


Your Doctor’s Demeanor

How to find the best doctor for your child, the right pediatrician, Motherly instinct

Children are very sensitive to their social treatment they get.  This means that an overly hard to read Dr. can sometimes put them on edge.  This is why when finding your best Dr., it is important to consider their social skills with children.  Finding of the best pediatric doctor can often accomplish this task.  Most pediatric doctors have a distinct understanding of children, and how to navigate the attitudes of shy or worried children.

Children can be hard to read also, but a skilled paediatrician will often know how to get on their best side, or at least present themselves as approachable.  This can make repeat visits to the Dr. more manageable and worthwhile.

Community Groups

Building a Strong Family despite the distractions of the worldSometimes, it can be worthwhile to join the community groups surrounding your local area, especially if a community of children with medical issues relating to that your child is going through.  While making your own decisions about a which doctors to visit is extremely important, sometimes recommendations and referrals from a group like this could potentially help you find the best doctor. This is because most of the parents managing a certain childhood medical issue will often wish for other parents to find restorative and helpful points of medical authority, as they can relate to the struggle you are also going through.

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Trust Your Instincts

With these tips we hope you’re able to find the doctor your child deserves. Stay tuned for a personal story and testimony from our family on our journey with unknown medical issues, finding the right doctor and trusting mother’s intuition.


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  1. Tracy on January 5, 2019 at 6:56 am

    I wish I could have just picked a doctor based on these criteria. Our insurance dictates which doctors we go to–it’s so much cheaper to go to an in-network doctor.

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