Savvy Side Hustles for Moms

Mom Life Optimized Savvy Side Hustles for Stay At Home Moms, Work from home

Having a side hustle while also being a good parent

In life, there are things that we have to do, and earning money is one of them. It seems that nowadays, both parents have to work to provide for the children. And as the pressure is increasing more on every family, thoughts turn to additional ways to earn a bit of extra cash. But there can be a dilemma with this. We may believe that we’re focusing too much on work, and not enough on the children. And while something like a side hustle is very common now, can you do something as a side hustle but at the same time, still be a good parent? Let’s answer the question.

The Passive Income Approach

As opposed to actively working on a side hustle, the idea of generating passive income, while making the bare minimum of effort, sounds ideal. After all, nowadays, there are so many little tasks we can complete online and get paid for, it is making the most of whatever free time we have, that we don’t necessarily have to put our all into it, like we would our “proper” jobs. You could get involved in product testing for money, which doesn’t require that much of an effort. Not to mention it is something you can get the children involved with anyway, depending on the product.

Sharing Your Expertise As A Freelancer

The big problem with a side hustle is that if we really want to dig deep into it, we’ve got to learn the essential skills. But sharing your expertise and providing this through freelance platforms is a way for you to earn money without acquiring new skills. After all, new skills take time to learn, and when you are an expert in something, no matter how trivial it is, you have to promote this.

Getting The Children Involved

Sometimes we’ve got to take whatever offers are out there, and while it may not be the most appealing of jobs (a delivery driver comes to mind!), if you can find ways to get the children involved, then you are spending some quality time with them, and earning money while you’re at it. Of course, not every child will want to post pamphlets through letterboxes late at night, but if you have a specific freelancer skill, like design, asking your children for their opinions can get them involved on some level.

To be a good parent, we have to spend time with our children, and a side hustle can take us away from our parenting duties. And while it seems that most families now rarely see their kids, that time they spend together is sacrosanct. But as the costs rise, and we are continually budgeting to get some former financial freedom, a side hustle would be the last thing we want to do, especially if we are working already. But, working from home on a side hustle doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task, but you’ve got to be organized! Planning and preparing your day around the kids could make it easier. And while in an ideal world we’d rather not do this at all, we’ve got to be savvy about our side hustles.


Mom Life Optimized Savvy Side Hustles for Stay At Home Moms, Work from home

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  1. Madi Rowan on January 3, 2019 at 5:36 pm

    Love the idea of moms having a side hustle. My mom has one & she loves it! So empowering!

    -Madi xo

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