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Day 6 & 7 – Digital Declutter

10-Day Declutter Challenge - this weekend we will spend decluttering our digital devices and electronics around the home

Decluttering our Electronics and Digital Devices   We are going to spend the weekend tackling our electronics and digital devices because this task can really take some time.   If you don’t have a lot of electronics around your home this will be an easy few days for you, but for most of us, we…

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Prepare Your Home

Prepare Your Home to be decluttered

To Be Decluttered….For Good!! The thought of going through your entire home and decluttering it is quite an overwhelming feat, but you can set yourself up by preparing ahead of time. How many of you have done this before only to turn around 1 week later and feel like you didn’t do anything? Yep! Me…

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Lose Inches Without Diet and Exercise??

lose inches off your waistline by decluttering your home, reducing stress and getting more sleep

Declutter Your Life and Lose Inches Off Your Waistline!! Want to lose inches off your midsection with just one change in your life? This one is not about diet and exercise although diet and exercise are amazing for your overall health so I’m not saying don’t do those things, but consider what all the clutter…

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