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The Sara Series by Madison – Chapter 3

The Sara Series - The Circus by Madison Follmuth, child author

The Sara Series Chapter Three Tomorrow   “Uhh, our hair is all clean and now we need to get dried off and tucked into bed.” Mrs. Conwell said changing the subject. When Sara was finished being dried off Mrs. Conwell tucked her into bed. “Mom, when is Dad going to be home?” Sara asked. “He…

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The Sara Series by Madison – Chapter 2

The Sara Series by Madison Follmuth, The Circus

The Sara Series Chapter Two A Dreamy Bear “I would love to be friends,” Mr. Boxfir said as his smile beamed ear to ear. “I don’t know if we would see each other often though.” “As long as we are friends, that’s okay with me,” Sara proclaimed. Suddenly Sara could hear Mrs. Conwell calling for her…

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