The Sara Series by Madison – Chapter 2

The Sara Series by Madison Follmuth, The Circus

The Sara Series

Chapter Two

A Dreamy Bear

“I would love to be friends,” Mr. Boxfir said as his smile beamed ear to ear. “I don’t know if we would see each other often though.”

“As long as we are friends, that’s okay with me,” Sara proclaimed.

Suddenly Sara could hear Mrs. Conwell calling for her from the house.

Sara and Mr. Boxfir said their goodbyes as Sara waved to Mr. Boxfir and ran down the street to her house. Mr. Boxfir continued to whistle as he put posters up.

“There you are. I was looking for you. Where were you?” Mrs. Conwell asked worriedly.

“I was talking to that kind man over there. His name is Mr. Boxfir,” Sara pointed. “He’s putting up posters for the new circus coming to town,” she continued, “Oh, and I almost forgot.”

“What did you forget?” Mrs. Conwell asked.

“I almost forgot to tell you that the circus starts tomorrow!” Sara’s voice got loud. She jumped up and down as the words flew out of her mouth.

“Wow! Really? That’s so cool!” Mrs. Conwell said in astonishment.

“Yeah!” Sara squealed.

“Well it looks like you’ve had a great evening,” Mrs. Conwell giggled. “Now it’s time to take a bath. How does that sound?”

“Okay,” Sara said not too excitedly. She really wanted to continue playing, but also knew it was time to go in. She walked up to the stairs and looked up to the top of them.

“Let’s go,” Mrs. Conwell said as she grabbed Sara’s hand and walked with her up the stairs.

When they got to the top, Mrs. Conwell took Sara’s clothes off and put her in the bathtub. She turned the faucet on and left to get some soap.

While Sara was playing in the bathtub she closed her eyes and started to daydream. In her dream, she led the circus where there were lots of big bears, giraffes and other kinds of animals.

“Where am I?” Sara asked herself aloud.

One of the bears walked up to Sara and said, “Hello, my name is Bob the Bear, but you can call me Bobby. Do you know where you are?”

“No,” Sara answered.

“You are at the circus and you lead it,” Bobby said raising his hands in the air and widening them. “What is your name?”

Sara grinned and said, “My name is Sara. Did you know that my favorite animals are bears?” Sara was trying not to show her excitement, but she had her hands in fists close to her chest and her cheeks were turning red and her smile was at least three inches wide. Bobby could tell, but he kept it to himself.

“If you like bears, I bet you want to see a silly bear, huh?” Bobby asked with a long-lasting smile.

“Yes, that would be awesome!” Sara said loudly as her hands flew into the air

“Here I go,” Bobby said with his hands in the air. Then he did a handstand for a few seconds and fell forward on his face. When he stood up his face was completely flat.

“HA! HA! HA!” Sara laughed so hard that she fell backward on the ground kicking her legs up and down.

“How was that?” Bobby asked, with his face still flat.

Sara sat up, wiped a happy tear from her eye and said with a giggle, “That was funny, you’re really good at making people laugh, Bobby.”

Bobby stuck his finger in his mouth and blew super hard. His eyes began to cross and his face blew up again.

“Cough, Cough.” Sara heard someone cough behind her. When she turned around she saw someone she knew.

“Mr. Boxfir! When did you get here?” Sara exclaimed.

“I work here. My job is to feed and put the animals in their cages. That’s why I’m here, to put the animals in their cages.” Mr. Boxfir said.

“That’s cool, because I lead the circus,” Sara said excitedly.

“Well you can go home now, because the circus is closing for the day. It opens back up tomorrow.” Mr. Boxfir said and then he walked away to open the cages for the animals.

“Okay, bye,” Sara said as she hugged Bobby and waved to Mr. Boxfir.

“Sara. Sara.” Sara heard her mom’s voice calling her name from a far-off distance, “Sara! Sara!” Mrs. Conwell’s voice got louder. Then Sara opened her eyes. “Sara, I thought you fell asleep in the bathtub,” Mrs. Conwell giggled. Sara giggled too.

“Hey, Mom guess what?” Sara started to say.

“What?” Mrs. Conwell asked.

“While I was in the bathtub,” Sara continued, “I began to daydream. In my dream, I led the circus, and at the circus there were big bears and tall giraffes and other cool animals. One of the big bears walked up to me. That bear’s name was Bobby and he did some funny things that made me laugh. I’ll tell you one of them,” Sara said to her mom.

“Okay,” Mrs. Conwell said with a smile (she was kind of excited to find out what happened).

“Okay, here is what he did. Bobby the bear did a handstand for a little bit and then fell flat on his face!” Sara spoke excitedly. They both burst out laughing. They laughed and laughed and laughed.

“Now we should probably start washing your hair and get you in bed or you won’t get up in time for tomorrow. We don’t want that, do we?” Mrs. Conwell smiled.

Sara just looked at her mom with a small smile, “Mom, you’re so funny.” They both giggled for a while.

“Okay, now literally we need to get your hair washed,” Mrs. Conwell said sternly, though she was still happy. She grabbed the soap for Sara’s hair and began scrubbing Sara’s beautiful brown hair.

“Okay, let’s wash my hair,” Sara said. She squinted her eyes as Mrs. Conwell scrubbed near her forehead. As Mrs. Conwell was scrubbing Sara’s hair Sara asked, “What are we going to do tomorrow?”

Mrs. Conwell answered with a worried smile, “Umm?”

End of Chapter 2 – The Sara Series

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The Sara Series - The Circus by Madison Follmuth, child author

The Sara Series by Madison Follmuth, The Circus



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